The History of Soccer

In this article I will try to give you a little information on soccer.

Soccer is a game played between two team, two players at each position organized in a soccer field. It has been played for about 2,000 years. In the beginning of the game, players often kicked or punched the ball. They were doing this in order to direct the ball to different parts of the field. At present, they do this in order to confuse their rivals. The game which originated from military field was created then. The game was named as football or kick ball in Great Britain. Later it was called as Soccer as the famous English Football Club, which won the first FIFA World Cup on July 31, 1930, which was called asRules in Football.

The origin of soccer was difficult to trace. It is very difficult to find out the site of its origin. Some historians believe that this game was originated from the children’s game called lunge. The rules of the football have been changed over the years, but in the same way that it has been changed, so has the game itself, at least within the pitch. Around 1800, military members of Sweden were playing the game officially in the forests. Then in 1863, the game was banned as it had caused the death of many players. Still later and in 1913, the rules were officially standardized, but no word about the competition was given. The first official competition that was officially recorded in history was in Sweden in 1848. However, it was not until the 19th century that football had worked its way with the British. The over-all performance of Britain was very poor when it came to the way it was played. The rules were very formal and most of them were also irregular. At that time, not only football, but also soccer, was officially being referred in the British as a national game.

The speed of the game was recommended by many people to be played with the feet. For this reason, it was often a big issue to find a unique way to play the game. Even that some different forms of this kind of game had been invented. However, most of these forms only seemed to have been created in order for the small group of people who were intending to show the form of the game synonymously with the fact that were not successful in developing a successful team. Unfortunately, the old example of the English team did not help the development of the game for these people. Even with the success of the Manchester United team, the British still continued to suffer numerous defeats all throughout the game. In fact, at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, there were Junkie football that were being played which finally turned the tide in the victory of the English after a 2-0 defeat by Italy. It was a changing moment in the history of the game.

Around 2006, the world of today had been changed as well and could discover the kicking game as one of the most popular youth game in the world. The physical approach of the young people in this time and was greatly influenced by the sport leagues of the 80s, which were followed by the World Cup Soccer events.

The World Cup, which is still going on, is the most exciting football game, because the peak performance of each of the participating teams could be determined by the way they behave not just in this single competition, but more so, it is because of the way that they fought their opponents and also how they score them. The fans of the World Cup would always be watching for the few moments that their team was going to win and they could find all kinds of ways to show their support to this single competition. Junkie Football was the event, which was gaining momentum and eventually gained real popularity. The years that followed, the teams of South America as well as Europe which was towed by the Junkie Football tide.

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